Divino's Cocoa Beans

Divino’s cocoa beans come from all over the world, following a constant search for high quality raw materials in ethical plantations. As soon as the juta bags arrive, the first thing to be done is ensure that all the work on the plantation is in line with the Company’s expectations – this involves a passage called “cut test”: a handful of cocoa beans are split open to see (from their colour and internal veins) if they are of good quality. After this process, a manual selection takes place where the beans are separated according to size, followed by a toasting process – the temperature should never be too high so that all the flavours can develop. The cocoa beans are then put in a machine to be peeled and ground before going through the mill, where hundreds of iron spheres turn them into a mass of cocoa. After this process, sugar is added and chocolate is finally produced, which with the addition of cocoa butter becomes chocolate glaze; at 20 microns we have the raw material we use for our creations.